Developing with pdf files - need some direction

Hi, I’m looking at a website project right now that will basically mimic a hard copy publication of real estate listings.

The general idea is to use the exact copy as is used in the publication with the exception of having the mls number linked to further details of the listings.

The source file I have to work with is a pdf file that goes to the printer…

I would like to read the contents from the pdf, retaining the formatting (listings are in a grid), then add the link to the mls # and display the listings. (I also need to archive the past two weeks). The link would make an ajax call and grab the details of the listing.

Does this sound doable? practical? I think I could use jquery to set the links, if I can get the contents of the pdf read but I can’t seem to get the wheels turning.

Any input, links or tutorials would be greatly appreciated.


Is there any way to get a copy of the page layout file to work from, say from InDesign or Quark? I am sure there is some way it can be output as an html or similar format so that you should be able to read from it. Something your customer should be able to supply to you, you just need to find out what formats are available.