Got a PDF? Get the ePub or Mobi for free

Good news my friends.
If you already own a SitePoint book in PDF format you can now download the Mobi or ePub versions for free.

Excellent news, I know we had a few grumbles from people who (rightfully IMO) wanted to be able to use their digital purchase across whatever device they felt most comfortable with. A good step for SitePoint to take to ensure their digital products maintain cross compatibility. :slight_smile:

Sweeet, now I just need an iPad to view them on :wink:

It kind of defeats the purpose but is there a free viewer on the pc/mac for these formats?


Stanza have a desktop app you can use.

cheers :tup:

I have the books The Principles of Beautiful Web Design and The Art & Science of CSS which still show just a PDF download.

Has anyone uploaded an epub to a Sony ereader? What’s the formatting like for such things as code snippets?

I might not have posted this in the best place - I was hoping for an answer before purchasing the current 5 for 1 offer…


Unfortunately they are one of the few that were built in a different system that most of our books and a still in PDF only format.

The two reference books are in the same boat as well as the Photoshop Anthology. Putting those books into ebub and mobi format (without them looking horrible), is going to be quite a task – but when we do, if you own the PDF you’ll get the new formats for free.

Just purchased some books, how can I view on Kindle?

This is great! Glad sitepoint finally decided to give their readers this option! Just one problem… your link above is just sending me to a 404 page :frowning: it looks as if sitepoint may have removed it. Please explain.

It goes to a blog post that seems to be working fine from my end…

Edit: This post might be of help to you

Odd, I just looked into it and it seems that I am getting the same error for all of sitepoints blogs. :shifty:

Check out this post

Edit: I have someone looking into it :slight_smile:

Yup, I found the same thing. Thanks for your help.

Hi Guys,

This access problem should be sorted now - it stemmed from a new role management plugin we’re implementing for our blogs which got a little over zealous with the permissions!

At work we got a bunch of iPad’s from the US. The ePub formats looks sweet on them.
Thanks for the new formats.