Selling a Very Lucrative "Watches" site


I have a website that sells original and replica watches and I want to sell it to an interested buyer. Said site received laser targeted traffic for very popular terms especially on brand name watches. My new two sites built on the main theme are already as successful. Since my new design is much better than the older domain, I thought about flipping it. Maybe it’s not a good idea since it’s a very established site with hefty traffic and sales. But everything has a price and thought why not ask some experts here. The site is affiliated with a reputed seller via a third-party affiliate network.

Thanks for your time.

You could try selling it on

ok thanks for the recommendation.

replica watches…better be careful. i have seen some sites taken down because of that

I am aware of that, it just attracts brand and replica terms not actually selling replica watches and is affiliated solely with reputed merchants.

replica?? is that from china??