Want to sell Travel sites


I have some travel sites with top level domains, page rank, traffic and revenue. I want to sell few of these to focus on new projects and to get some working capital. Please suggest how do I do that? If anyone interested reply and I will send details of earning, traffic and google/yahoo ranking for targeted keywords.


I know that selling is against the TOS so what do I do if I want to contact this guy about purchasing? I hope I didn’t cross over a line even asking!

You can PM him. I’ll pretend I didn’t notice. :wink:

If you’re trying to sell your site in here that’s against the rules of the forum.

You can get a rough idea of value in the graphs here. If you’re looking to discuss how to sell etc., you could visit the forums in my signature.

If you want to list your site at auction, go straight to Flippa, pays your money and lists your site.