Selling a site on eBay or Craig's list

I’ve had a few sites I’ve worked on for a few years now, I’m getting to a point where I’m ready to move on and would like to sell them. Is eBay/Craig’s list a bad place to try to sell the sites assuming I have accurate information, the sites are well presented, etc.

I’d be interested in how other people answer this.

I have bought websites off Flippa and through forum threads on this and one or two other forums but have never bought one on eBay. Most of the ones selling on eBay when I have looked are not even worth looking into. They tend to be nothing more than a template and a domain name. I’ve never even looked at websites for sale on Craig’s List.

I hope someone will answer this because I am also planning on selling one of my websites.

When comparing the two, I will recommend going in for Craigslist. There are also other forums that have a separate section for selling websites like DigitalPoint, DNforum, GFY.

Ebay is terrible for buying/selling websites. Its very very spammy and scammy.

I’ve never bought from Craigslist, but that’s only because I’ve never seen a website on Craigslist worth buying.

Flippa is my favorite though - I’ve bought and sold on Flippa quite a few times and I love it!

craigslist is really a good place to sell your sites . . . !!!
it is really easy to sell your sites through craisigslist without even paying .

Well, Ebay would be quite helpful, but I would still not prefer to sell sites through them. It would be a good idea if you go to forums that are dedicated on the matter.