Section for Dummies


I need some help here I am in no way an IT bod, I did feel I would like to get involved but looking at some of the wording I have not the faintest clue what they are talking about ie post fluff - web dev -tag cloud - template fluids and so on, there are hundreds of these its a whole new way of thinking.

Could someone point me to the section for dummies who want to learn all these abbrievations. I did submit my site for review but was chuck out I can see why now, I did want to review on some new sites but like above what in hell are they talking about.

So how can I review someones site.

I could say it looks pretty but thats not contructive or informative.


Hey Pete, I’ve moved your thread to our Getting Started forum, which is just the place for you! Feel free to ask any questions you like, no matter how basic they seem.

As for doing a site review: there is a lot you could talk about, such as how you feel about the design, how easy the site is to use, whether or not you understand what it is for, why you would or wouldn’t be likely to sign up, etc. You don’t have to know anything about web design to be able to comment on what it’s like to visit and navigate around a web site. Sites are build mostly for people who don’t know about web design … and web designers can easily forget that. :slight_smile: