Thank You Sitepoint

I would like to thank this Forum and its members for the help, the information and the warm welcome of the stuff. I am a beginner in development and mostly self educated on this. I am a Graphic Designer and the internet affected a lot of our subject what made a lot of Graphic Designers have to migrate more and more to web developing solutions for our customers.
I know sometimes I am asking questions which might be for more experienced very boring or not worth to be mentioned. If this is getting annoying perhaps there has to be a section in the Forum included for “beginners”
Thank You a lot!



Glad you’ve found the forums helpful, @SEE, and don’t worry about asking simple questions - we were all beginners once. (And in my experience, those questions never seem simple when you’re the one struggling to find the answer. )

We do have a beginners’ section in Get Started.

A place for those new to web design to ask questions about where to begin, what’s involved, and where to turn next. No question is too simple!


In my experience here, @SEE, the members of the forum are quite happy to help people who are just starting out and have very basic questions to ask.

What they hope to find in these questions is not a level of knowledge, but evidence that the person asking the question has made an effort to try before asking for help, will post what he/she has accomplished so far so that the responders have something to work with, and is willing to ‘listen’ to the suggestions and make the effort.

With that in mind, no questions are too simple. I hope you will continue to seek to learn here and build your skills. Who know - maybe one day, you will be answering the questions of others here. :slight_smile:


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