I need help.....please

Im very new to this scene and have been reading and trying to learn as much as i can the last few weeks.The trouble im finding is im reading about one subject which leads from a link to another subject which then takes my interest which then means im not really learning to much about either.
My initial interest was in building a website i dont have any experience in this,i then got the idea of buying established websites to try and sell for profit,then i got onto the buying domains.As you can see its all getting very confusing.
If anyone could give me any advise on what they feel would be the best way to go.As i said i am completely new to this i didnt even realise all this existed 3 weeks ago so to say im starting from scratch would be an understatement.
I suppose a book for dummies would be ideal for me.
So please if anyone can,i need help i really want to have a go at this.Anything,any advise,any ideas perhaps my best way to start.
I found two websites on Tuesday which were about a subject im interested in,these looked very nice websites but one hadnt been updated since summer last year and the other was a little less.The websites had what seemed to be owner details on so i emailed both to ask if they would consider selling there websites,i have as yet to receive a reply from either.Many thanks to anyone that replies.

Well, i’m still a novice myself, but since i’ve been building websites for decade i’ll just give let you know that you’re on the right track. Joining forums (especially sitepoint) and asking questions is always the right way to go. 20 years from now you’ll still be asking for advice. Think of the glass half-full, and know that every day you get better and better. Even if it’s just learning how to buy a domain.

I think another good place to start is learning the “Stages of Web Development”.

[B]Here’s an article on “The Six Stages of Web Development”: http://www.idesignstudios.com/blog/web-design/phases-web-design-development-process/[/B]
This article might help to get things in perspective, just learning what steps you might want to take. I say “might want” because there’s never a single way to build a website. But this will at least give you an some ideas on what to consider.

Also, don’t be discouraged that you don’t have any experience. There’s tons of services, programs, scripts, site builders out there that will make building a website seamless. You might even end up with a beautiful website in your hands, and wondering how to get visitors.

Do you have any particular website idea in mind? Are you familiar with any type of programming languages?

Many thanks for the reply hardtaro.
Thats another question altogether ,how do you get visitors to your site.
I dont have any particular site in mind,my likes are sport especially football and horse racing i have looked at perhaps some form of horse racing site but the web seems flooded with these(could be the case with most topics though).
To answer your other question unfortunately i dont have any programming experiance,im not that old but they barely had computers when i was at school.Thanks again mate.

I would appreciate it very much if all your answers could be written in this thread.


This is not only about buying / selling websites and SAUSDOG had opened more than one thread related to this topic.

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