Script php to add blogs and users to wp mu

i chosed wordpress MU to generete blogs after the advises of the sitepoint community (old thread)
i have wordpress MU

i want to create script php to add blogs. each blog 1 user to administrate. this script do the task: add site in the wordpress MU with super admin to administrate.
in another wprds: i have formular(in php, html, java… any way). this formular have input value, we take 3 for example. and this page (formular) return 3 blogs( with each blog own url like …/wordpress/blogs1) and 3 users to administrate each blogs.

someone have idea?


Not quite sure what you are asking.

The instructions for setting up WordPress to host multiple blogs is at

That adds all the extra options into WordPress that allow you to create as many blogs as you need each with its own control panel as well as the superadmin control panel that controls the whole thing.

There’s no need to create a PHP script to do anything for setting up the blogs as everything to do it is in the superadmin control panel once you turn on multisite.

yes i installed wordpress mu is ok.

to add blogs i have to enter in super user. After that i have to do sites->add site(complete adress site, title of the site, adress of the contact to administrate). Finally i have to click “add site” in the botom of the page.

in other words i want to redirecte this interface, in own interface.
for example in html forms that ask me only:

number of the blog:3

and this html (or php) fill in my place each blog(adress site, title site, create user and passwd to administrate) and create directly blogs.
After that each user enter his site and change if he want the title of his blog.

i am not good in english.

Sorry but I’m not sure what you’re asking.

I set up a test multi-site blog.

If I log in using my Super Admin username and password I can go to “my” blog and all the “sub” blogs.

If I log in using one of the Test usernames and passwords, I can only go to the corresponding “sub” blog.

Maybe you’re asking about the vs. choice? But you want URLs like ie. to appear to be separate from the host domain? If so you need to do “mapping” maybe this plugin will help? WordPress MU Domain Mapping