How to get Wordpress MU to build a nice domain structure

Yesterday I installed Wordpress MU in the hopes that I can create 100 blogs or so formatted like this . I already have an established blog in the root directory of the server and when I installed Wordpress MU over it, it gave an error ‘that something is wrong in wp-settings.php on line 68.’

To remedy that I just reuploaded my main files back and my blog is working fine again.

My problem is how do I go about installing MU on the root directory with an established blog on it already and wanting this domain structure for all my new blogs?

I’m very eager to get this working and appreciate all your help. Thank you.

You can’t just drop it on top of your current blog. They’re two different pieces of software, similar as they are. The database is going to be different as well – WP MU is going to create a new distinct set of database tables for each blog you set up. They won’t be the same name as your current ones as WPMU needs to create unique names for each blog’s info.

You’ll have to research on how to set up the subdomain stuff first. You simply can’t do it with many shared hosts as setting up wildcard subdomains requires Apache configuration not all control panels will give you access to. If you are using a VPS or your own server you can look up wildcard subdomains and I’m sure there are tutorials specifically for getting it to work with WPMU.

As for moving the existing content, the first thing to do is make a backup of the current site and database as .sql files. Then go to export tool in WordPress and export your site to an XML file.

Now delete all the files and upload the WordPress MU code. Go through the installation process, it’s a brand new install, there’s no such thing as upgrading from WP to WPMU.

Create a first blog, then import your XML file of old posts and comments into this blog. You might have trouble here depending on your web host, as a large file could take more than 60 seconds to upload and process, resulting in timeouts without actually importing the data. If that happens, you can use your database backup to move things. You’ll have to edit the SQL statements in the .sql files you created to match the names of the tables WPMU created for your first blog, instead of their names in the old WordPress install, and find some way to run the files – through phpMyAdmin or a mysql cli.