Upgrading WP, Adding BP & Multiple Domains

I’ve been running a blog via WP 2.6.1 in a sub-folder on one of my domains i.e. mydomain1.com/blog, which I plan to move to mydomain1.com

I’m also planning to update from WP 2.6.1 to WP 3.3.1 and I’d ultimately like to add WP and/or BuddyPress to multiple custom domains (all separate entities & topics i.e. mydomain1.com, mydomain2.com, mydomain3.com) so, I’ve backed up my current blog’s Database & Files and disabled my plugins but have a couple of questions:

  1. Currently, I go to mydomain1.com/blog/wp-login.php to administer my one blog. Where will I go to administer WP and/or BP on multiple custom domains after adding them and how can I make it so that I administer all domains from one location?

  2. What else should I be concerned about before upgrading from WP 2.6.1 to WP 3.3.1?


With multisite you have a main domain and then additional domains.
You can login to admin control panel using main domain or additional domains either way.

You need to enable multi site with wordpress wp-config first, then install and configure wordpress MU plugin.

Please also check Wordpress 3. As far as I understand, Wordpress 3 is slightly MORE hen Wordpress 2 + Multisite.