Safari iPhone -- can't clear cache

this is driving me crazy…

can’t clear cache on Safari on iPhone…

searched, found this…

but, unlike this screenshot, I don’t see “clear cache” or “Developer”

I only have “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data” (am on iPhone 3)

I asked in Apple forum about a week ago… never received an answer (which should tell me something, right?? :wink:

this is driving me crazy… no firebug ( yikes…) no view-src… can’t load .js and .css files in browser like you can in regular machines… am going a bit crazy here with this…

thank you…

Before iOS 5, Safari has three settings for this: 1. Clear History, 2. Clear Cookies, 3. Clear Cache

On iOS 5, they combined 2 and 3 and made it “Clear Cookies and Data.” So, if you clear cookies and data you are technically deleting both the cookies and cache.

Bonus tip: the data for each site saved can now be viewed on iOS 5 on the ‘Advanced’ section of the Safari settings on the bottom of the page.

thank you… it removes all browsing history too… :frowning:

why on earth did they combine them?? that’s a very bad idea… you clear the cache it clears your entire browsing history, and all the windows you had open with urls are gone… sometimes the people designing these things really don’t think, it’s unbelievable…

there’s no reason on earth so why this shouldn’t work like in browsers in computers, as they had it, apparently… I still can’t believe they did this, it’s a really dumb idea…

ok, thank you…

If I’m not mistaken, clearing the cookies only remove the login info you saved on certain sites (not necessarily the browsing history).

As noted, clearing the data is not the same button as clearing the history, so just make sure you hit the right one. :slight_smile:

well, there are two – and only two – buttons:

Clear History
Clear Cookies and Data

which one is for the CACHE??

(I hit Cookies and Data, it also cleared my history… i.e., it removed all pages I had loaded in all the windows… )

there should be a button just for CACHE…

also: how do you get to the bookmarks???

thank you…

This is the reason that I moved over to Google Chrome recently. On the iPhone I find it smooth and feature rich - so much better than safari for the iPhone.

google Chrome? on the iPhone?

this is on iPhone… only browser available is Safari… :wink:

(see my OP)

thank you…

Not so. I mostly use Chrome or Opera on my iPhone.

really? you can download them from the iPhone?? man, I had no idea… I thought Safari was the only browser you could use in iPhone… oh, this is grand for developers… :wink:

You quickly find these things by Googling something like “Chrome for iPhone”:

One major thing to note of when using browsers other than Safari on the iPhone is that you don’t get to have that Nitro Javascript Engine. That means Safari will still work faster than the other browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc). The only major difference you’ll get is the fancy features they’ve inserted to theirs. (e.g. Opera will use significantly lesser data than all the other browsers)

I have 11 extra browsers on my iPhone (yet there are even more than this)! Google Chrome is pretty good.

Just remember though, Apple require all browsers to be webkit-based.

Opera Mini of course works in a different way.

What’s your favorite among them all?

For personal browsing I still use Safari.

For development, then Safari and Chrome tend to play ball the best. Chrome is very well made.

Personally I don’t care for all the extra features that browsers give, I just want a basic browser that is quick.

iCab Mobile is worth a mention. That will allow file uploads on iOS, which hardly any other iOS browsers can do (maybe just one other). Of course file upload is available in Safari in iOS 6 though.

I quite like Opera Mini for browsing on the iPhone. Apart from anything else, you can turn off images etc. which saves bandwidth.

hello, to reset the setting or data is not a simple work on the iOS platform, maybe you can have a look this guide. [noparse][/noparse]