Clearing cache on mobile phones?

There’s a way to do a hard cache when viewing websites in Firefox on your computer, but how do you do one on your mobile phone please?

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Personally, I don’t have one of those devices but I can do searches. :sunglasses:

  1. how to clear cache on android devices
  2. how clean ios iphone ipad junk files temporary-files cache ios10


Thanks coothead, yeah, I think I’ve done just a few searches over the last 15 years, but I always ask in my favourite forum first.

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I just assumed that mobile phone users didn’t do
technical stuff but just chatted on them endlessly,
exchanging them monthly for nice new ones. :wonky:



I use the mini s4 personally and to see how various websites look in them and I’ve never felt the need to exchange things that work perfectly well. :eyebrows:

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Of course, I wasn’t, for even one moment, suggesting that
you personally were a member of the chattering brigade. :winky:


Hi coothead, I do some of that as well - as they say, it’s good to chat. :smiley:

I think what you need to do is to go to the “settings” option in your mobile phone and look for ‘device’. After clicking it, you’ll see the display of the phone’s storage including the cached data. Click on ‘cached data’ and you will now delete the all the cache data in your mobile including in FireFox…

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Many thanks for this, but have gone through the mini s4, I get to settings, then my device, but see nothing for the storage?


On Android you can allways use the “Application manager” in the General settings and clear the cache only or all the data set for the app.

Thanks Erik, I was looking for Firefox, but I assume it’s the app called Internet? If so, have cleared the cache on that.

The app “Internet” is the system’s default web browser app, could be Firefox but is usually a vendor version of Chrome.

Mobile Firefox can have other names depending of the version or source for install, “Fennec” for instance from F-Droid or “Aurora” (from the top of my head example).

Thanks Erik, (and to everyone who helped on this) you’ve solved it. :thumbsup:

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Thanks @UserFire03.

Settings>apps>find app>Tap on it>>app info>clear cache

There are lots of phone data cleaner app that can help us clear cache on mobile phones. Just search them in the app store.

I know how to cache clear onto computer browser. But don’t know actually how to cache clear on mobile phone.

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there are two links in post #2 of this thread that
may help in your search for enlightenment. :sunglasses:


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I was just going to ask this question, but fortunately I saw there were already posted it.

btw thanks for the answer, especially from userfire03 I have tried and succeeded. Once again, thank you

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Thanks coothead, very usefull your answer!