Roast my Design!

Greetings All!

I’ve done a rough layout mockup/prototype of a website for renting-to-own properties using Balsamiq.

Problems with Balsamiq. Please see post #11 for design details.

Roast away! It’s the first iteration…

Hi jakub9 and a warm welcome to the forum.

The site took about 30 seconds to discover that…

my iPad mini browser was not supported!

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An error occurred loading the project.

“Request has been terminated
Possible causes: the network is offline, Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin, the page is being unloaded, etc.”

I’ve unlisted the topic to allow you to sort out the issues, @jakub9.

Also, please take a look at the guidelines for review requests in our FAQs, and provide a bit more information, as per the guidelines.

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Hi there jakub9,

your site does not appear to cater for those with “JavaScript”
disabled other than making the page pleasantly easy on eye. :winky:


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AFAIK, balsamiq has been around for a while so I would like to think they know what they’re doing. Yet I got a “your browser isn’t supported”.

In light of all the problems with the site it may be better to host the screen captures elsewhere or post the one you’re most concerned about here.

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Thanks John!

I just tried to access it through my iphone and looks like it is also not supported by Balsamiq… surprising to say the least…

Thanks for taking the time! Would be great to get some of your feedback if you get access to a desktop

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Will sort it out - apologies as I thought Balsamiq was quite an established rapid prototyping app

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Hehe very easy on the eyes indeed!

Will try to get some screenshots up

Yes is very surprising as the app is even recommended by others on this forum (7 Awesome Wireframing Tools You Should Be Using)

Thanks for taking a look - I will try and post some screenshots here

A bit more detail with an image of the landing page:

The landing page is a first iteration to get the layout of elements right - the design itself is a new mockup for - a property platform enabling property buyers to buy their own home using a rent-to-own scheme rather than a conventional mortgage. Through the scheme we’re trying to solve the issue of 2/3 of London’s (UK) millennialls being already priced out of the housing market as they will never be able to afford to get onto the housing ladder (source: Bloomberg).

In a nutshell, conventional mortgages require 15-25% deposits and typically it takes years to save those amounts with property prices being the way they are over here. Not to mention the crazy bureaucracy one has to go through when buying a home - dealing with brokers, banks, lawyers and agents.

Our rent-to-own scheme is trying to change all this by making the buying process as simple as renting a property.

Screenshot of landing page 1st iteration:

Appreciate any feedback / roasts on the layout, cheers!

Problems have arisen and I am estimating it will be about a fortnight before I am able to use a desktop :frowning:

Meanwhile I hope you manage to fix the browser access restrictions.

Please undo the unlist in light of my latest post giving more detail - cheers!

Sorry to hear that… sounds like it’s more than an IT hardware thing

I’ve put up a screenshot above with more details - would be great to get your feedback!

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