Site feedback!

Heres a site I threw together Im pretty proud of!
Its the place I live and put up a website to be sort of an info center for those visiting.
I have a forum, login area, and a place to upload your property to act as sort of an advertisement to rent out you place for the Summer or something.
Can I get feedback on how to best improve the site and try and register, use the forum and also upload a property to see the functionality.
Thanks and please be as honest as possible so I can ddo things right

Site is really awesome.But, But, website design is not responsive.

Why do you have a Canadian TLD for a U.S. site?

I would lose the ALL CAPS.


I don’t mind the all caps, but the .ca is a bit odd.

Your copy is nice. It explains what the website is. But I would improve your tagline and come up with something else besides having the navigation item double as the page title. Have a call to action.

ok is this better,

(any suggestions for a domain?)

1.) It is still in ALL CAPS. Yuck!

2.) How about

3.) It looks amateurish to have “HOME”, “ABOUT US”, etc. You should have your tabs highlighted for the tab you are on. The active tab’s purpose is to tell people the page they are on.

4.) Nothing personal, but you site looks like it is just a WordPress template. Nothing about it says, “I built this myself.” (I hate template sites…)

ok, got rid of the CAPS (better?)
dang, that domain is taken (still looking though)
Ill do that?
How can I make it look unique?

I just reviewed your website, and it is looking clean and simple but your website is not responsive bring into responsive state…
overall it is good…