Right Media - Direct Media Xchange is finished

Wow… if you belong to CPX, BANNERCONNECT and a whole slew of others… looks like you won’t be collecting any funds from them in the new year…

Plus…those businesses either have to shift the platform or close up shop…

How come no one is talking about this… I never used them as for my main CPM cuz their CPM was terrible but i know alot of you guys do…



let me get this straight:

are you talking about https://direct.rightmedia.com/
or this https://my.yieldmanager.com/
or maybe both

It is https://direct.rightmedia.com/

Looks like ive lost quite a few hundred dollars then as i havent met the min terms for some.

they should pay you anyway. let us know if they do

Never heard about that one. I will search more info about this.

So they only shutdown DMX, not the Yieldmanager right ?

No, I think YieldManager will continue. However, it’s still sad because DMX would automatically optimise amongst YM networks to deliver the best eCPM amongst networks.

However, now we’ll again have to work out some manual solution… =/

anyone got suggestion to get the bids and do what DMX platform provide us?

Hey Bao,

Are you the owner of animeshippuuden? I actually got the idea of adding a chat to my video website because of animeshippuuden and I just want to thank you for that.

Anyway… I am also looking for a network bidding exchange same as DMX platform. I saw that you are using cpmstar? Do you mind sharing how did you get in and how is their eCPM rate? I applied to them around 3 days ago and I did not get a response yet. :frowning:

Good news that they failed. These type of price sensitive marketplaces destroy the value of advertising.

failed? Yieldmanager and its dozens of advertisers are still chugging away

DMX was the free service offered to publishers that did a good job of getting the most from these advertisers

but then again, looking at your signature no wonder you have nothing good or smart to say

some of us here make more money thru advertising in a day than you make in a year with your little nice blog exchange

well i am the owner of AnimeShippuuden and its fine , the chat is own by Chatango Groups.

Anyway i was trying find a reputable ads , but seems only cpmstar,ad4game and advertiseyourgame is malware/redirect free.

any suggestion on replacements? I got up to 70k impressions to give, albeit last in chain so I don’t expect hot rates.

I can vouch for Kitara Media. We’ve used them on our online games site for quite a while both through DMX and with a direct account. They have good CPMs and always pay on time.

I’m not sure about that. I had to remove them from our site because they were pumping out ads that were filled with trojans, adware, etc. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but there has to be a better system on their end to flag people like that. We dropped CPX Interactive last year for the same garbage. They were like trojan/adware city.

Has anyone received payment from CPX and Rydium before? I’m owed money by both, and have never received anything from either, or even a reply to e-mails…

Rydium was out of the system a long time ago. You should have gotten your payment when they quit RMX.

CPX paid me without problem. They kicked me out (in the dmx system) for not meeting their impression requirements when obviously it’s them are bidding pennies cpm to cause that. That was October.

I tried to apply for a standalone account and got no response for months. Even after they asked me to verify i own the site i applied with, it’s been a month since the last reply i got.

DMX is closed, not Yieldmanager or Right media.

now they are talking about closing YM

see this