Maybe it's time to stop using Right Media Networks

read this article and post your opinion

Global Interactive already shut off from the exchange and screwed many publishers

when that happened?

I stopped using them a while back

around Jan 2010

I noticed their website still alive, are they using a different system/software?

That article is not in any way saying that YM is shutting down.

It questions the value of the property and technology to Yahoo, which is a fair question. But not understanding Yahoo’s rationale for the purchase does not mean that the exchange is closing anytime soon.

Also, the weeding out of some of the more seedy networks is definitely a good thing, as noted in the article. YM was associated with a few dross networks that was affecting the whole brand, so to drop them is a positive sign.

Yes the closure of DMX is annoying, and I personally don’t understand that decision either - their business (and the one Yahoo bought) was based around the advertiser exchange. The publisher front-end was a later stage addon.

the article say:

Several owners of RightMedia networks pointed out to me that they are very much sure that this is just a way to slowly prune networks from the exchange in order to eventually shut the exchange down, or buy out the remaining networks in the future. They themselves said that there is a perception that much of the network is composed of offshore companies and networks that are just selling the same junk inventory on adware and drunk-girls-gone-wild type sites

Yeah ok I wasn’t as clear as I could have been on that. The article itself doesn’t seem to imply that YM will be shutting down - but does mention the feelings of a few unnamed networks chiefs. The article just demonstrates some changes going down within YM and asks a good few questions.

Pace (the author of that blog post)is the former CEO of a seedy ad network that was part of the Right Media Exhange, then shut down suddenly last year and stiffed all of their publishers (including my company).

I would take anything he has to say with a large grain of salt, especially considering he was leading a company that was doing what Yahoo says they want to get away from, and he has moved on to some sort of CPA based company that appears to focus on selling ringtone ads.

I believe Yahoo does not shut down Right Media which spends $680 million to buy. Instead, Yahoo wants to control the traffic quality.

I’d be careful of what Peacock Lattin says. He’s a snake in the grass who now works for cpaempire. The amount of publishers he screwed is in the hundreds of not thousands. Surprised someone would now hire the “father of the pop under”.