Review of time tracker mockup

I am new to web design, HTML, css and Javascript. This is a first attempt to create a time tracker. Both for manual inputs and stop watch.

So far it have no connection to a database, so it is more about user interface, look and feel.

(Note that this is a http and some browsers must be forced not to use https.)

Am I on the right track? Else please point me in another direction.

Thank you for your time!

Hi Sebertius,

I’m a UX designer, so I’ll give you some feedback from a UX perspective.

I know it might be because this is only a first attempt, but I would put some sort of title and description of what this is supposed to do at the top above the tracker.

I also noticed that when I typed into the fields, the hint text would disappear. This makes it hard to know/remember what the field is. I would put the label above the field so that the user can always see what they’re filling.

Also, the ‘Reset’ button is at the bottom of the field but only changes the first field. It leads the user to believe they’re going to reset all the fields, not just one. I recommend relocating that button.

I’m not sure if you’re very familiar with UX, but since this is in the Design and UX section of the community board, I recommend starting here if you’re new: What is UX design?

You might also find these principles of design helpful.


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