Feedback on design

I’ve just finished designing of and I’m pleased with the final work.

I would love some feedback mainly on the overall look of the website but would appreciate any other feedback you have.

Looks great! The interface is minimal and clean which I really like, especially when your focus is on other designs. The only minor thing I’d add is a callout button of some kind to the previews (number of views, downloads, rating, or just a plus sign).

I don’t have a source to back this up, but I believe that having a button of some kind may increase your clicks:

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Thanks for your feedback and I’m glad you got my intention with having a minimal design.

You’re completely right. After finishing the design, I couldn’t see any call to action button. First time visitors could lost. I’ll add a button to the card once users hover a card for the next update.

I would change fonts and add about section.

I’ll add an “about” page later. I like the font-family actually. What is your suggestion?

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I implemented suggestions of @tensormonkey and it looks good. I launched the product today and make more improvements later.

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It looks good. My eye paid attention to the fonts. I think it’s better to change them, they distract the buyer’s attention from the products. You should choose a more organic option in my opinion.

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