Reseller domain

I planned to do reseller business. i don’t know much about it( i means how to do it and where).

can you please guide me to best reseller hosting service and reseller domain service websites.

Also how much it will cost? how much i can earn?

Also how much it will cost?

Decent quality reseller hosting typically starts at about $15/month. You can find cheaper, but the risks regarding quality are generally pretty high then.

how much i can earn?

The sky is the limit. Usually though, it will take years before you’ll be able to quit your day job.

You can join for all the services which you want to sell.
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Reseller hosting plans spans from limited cheap plans to unlimited full featured plans where limited plans cost as less as $10 or less and unlimited plans costs a minimum of $25. However, it is the reliability of the reseller host provider which makes the business sucess. Look for the experience windows hosting provider industry for better service and revenue.

Enom for domain reselling. A good host for hosting services. Sometimes, both come together

Good to know that you are planning to try your luck in webhosting reselling. Although it’s an over crowded market place but if you go with reliable hosting provide then certainly you can get good ROI. Make sure you have to strive hard to find customers and will have to provide top notch services.
Initially you have to workout attractive webhosting deals and aggressive marketing campaign which will attract new customers !
Your hosting provider plays an vital role in success of your business hence go with webhost who will take care of your business by providing 24x7 FREE end user support and excellent uptime guarantee.
All the Best :slight_smile:

Reseller webhosting ? You can see —webhostingbuzz—. Domain Reseller ? can see Both are cheap. Earn ? It’s upto you.

Reseller hosting is pretty accessible these days. Plans start from about $10 in most cases and increase as you beef up the specifications.

Domain reselling usually comes with packages described above.

Reselling domain names provides an additional service to pull as well as keep clients as well as another source of repeating revenue. You can offer domain name registrations on their own or bundled with other services they provide.

I started our re-selling hosting, it is a tough business, what with the ebay sellers selling for £1 a year, this makes is een harder.

I have a free re-seller account and a paid for unlimited cloud hosting reselller account, the reason for both is that i can cater for both types of people.

You get the ones that want dirt cheap hosting, and others that want a better quality type, you also get the added bonus of the cheap people wanting to upgrade in time.

I hope this heps you decide :slight_smile:

The Hosting provider who provides 24 X 7 Free Technical support to the end users of the Reseller client is considered as a good and reliable host. So you should look for a Hosting provider who offers End user support. Cost of the hosting plan will depend upon the hosting plan you select and the provider you choose to go with.

You can earn a lot from Reseller plans if you plan your profit margins well. You are the one who decide the cost of the hosting plan which you create under your Reseller Hosting plan, so you can plan our your profit margins and set the cost of the packages accordingly.

For Reseller Hosting

If you are a newbie, try it with Hostgator startup reseller plans
or if you have some decent money /knowledge go for cheap VPS plans and install the WHM/cpanel in it
Check out with the linode,VPS links

For Reseller Domains
If you can make invest : Try it with Enom- Where you can manage the account with some advanced tools and API
Try with - Reg and manage all the client accounts from one place or Reg and create some child accounts to manage the client domains individually

Sometimes or most times your current provider can give you a better discount for enom etc thru them. Id ask them first and shop around , i got mine thru

Take the idea from those who are already established in this kind of business.