Reseller hosting

What is reliable but cheap reseller hosting with whm? Hostgator is $20, I’d be looking for something alot cheaper. Thanks, RB

IMHO, you’re unlikely to find good reseller hosting, from a reputable company, at much less than $15/month, without having some serious limitations to the account (like say a significant limit on the number of accounts you can create).

There are cheap reseller hosting packages with starts from less than $20 per month. However, if you need unlimited hosting options you need to spend little bit more. Look for the reliable and experienced reseller hosting in the industry.

Less than $20 per month or per year?
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You have to be careful with hosting - there is defintely a lot of “you get what you pay for” out there, a lot of companies will pack servers full with more than they really should to keep costs down. Just be aware of this if you are still looking for cheap hosting.

.us, less than 20 per month of course

I would recommend talking to AmeriNOC | Hosting The World! | Managed Web Hosting . They have a variety of packages, may not fit your budget exactly but are usually willing to work with you to come up with a solution that works best.

I believe you know that you get what you pay for. Now you believe that you are looking for cheaper. But cheaper solution will never guarantee you the best quality.

Check out site5 offers they are quite cheap as well.

Depending on how much space/bandwidth you need, you can find reliable web host for that price.

if you want to run a website just for entertainment then it doesn’t matter that what you will choose but if you are going to run a e commerce then you have to host you site with that company which provide you excellent and 24/7 services, unlimited bandwidth, etc and the packages that is suitable for you.

I’m thinking innohosting

I suggest JustHost who is professional in reseller hosting and starting price is $19.95/mon.
You can select 1 among 4 types of reseller hosting plans. Thanks.

if your priority only cheap but not good support, because with WHMCS I doubt you can get any cheaper with good support

Better safe than sorry, get a good web host and you will be satisfied with the result, if you go cheap then you may not like the service you get.

I suppose that if you are interested in your own feedback and if you would like to make sure that certain web host you are considering will be good for you that worth to ask for test account or at least look through existing reviews.

you can find cheap reseller hosting packages with prices ranging from $20 up depending on your need. :slight_smile: of course greater value and needs comes with greater cost. you just have to find the best one for your site.

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In addition to cheap reseller hosts, try to find out the reliability and customer support of the host you will venture with

Could you list what services you want to use with your Reseller hosting and how you plan to use it?

Do you want to have multiple cpanel accounts for your own websites or do you want to start your own small hosting company?

Do you need private name servers? Do you plan on selling domains?

Are you okay with only accepting Paypal? Can you pay $30/month to accept credit card payments from your clients. You also have to pay for your domain.

I just want to make sure I understand the costs of what you need versus your budget.