Request for feedback on aspects of a website

Hello everyone,

Could you give me a hand with my website by providing your opinion on the design, organization, layout, ease of use, etc., and any aspects that come to mind to know what things I can modify and improve?

The website is, and the pages that can be accessed from the menu.

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You haven’t really given much detail about the site, or which pages you’re particularly interested in from a UX or design point of view, so I’ll just give some comments at random.

The contrast of the text on the background colour is poor, making it difficult to read. I have good vision; it would be inaccessible to somebody with poor vision. Your main navigation is keyboard-accessible, which is good, but there is no visual clue to indicate where I have tabbed to, whereas mouse users get an indication on hover.

I don’t speak Spanish, so can’t comment on the text which is there, but in many places there seems to me to be a shortage of text. For example, on “Inicio”, there is a series of unconnected images with no text to explain them, introduce them, or tell us anything about them. Elsewhere on the forums you have mentioned the difficulty of getting your site indexed by search engines. With no text, there is little that can be indexed.

On the “Galería” pages, a number of the images link to empty categories, which gives the impression of an unfinished site.

Under “Tienda”, the photos have captions, which is good in theory, but in practice the captions tell us very little. (Bizarrely, the text here is in English. Is that because this is iframe content from another site?) Assuming you have control over this text, then use it to add something of value, I don’t know whether selling photos of the Harlem Globetrotters could land you in legal trouble, but leaving that aside, what does “Harlem Globetrotters match” tell us about the photo? Which match? When? Against whom? What is happening in the image? I note that you are also using identical text for both the alt text and title on these images. I suggest you read this page for guidance on writing good alt text. Using identical text in multiple places like this may also be interpreted as keyword-stuffing.

Again, as the “shop” area is from a third-party site I don’t know how much control you have over it, but I would prefer to see headings for each section, and a more logical arrangement. e.g. all sport-related images together. I know there are “collections” which can be accessed from the menu bar, but those links are not keyboard-accessible, and simply paging through the photos, it all feels quite random.

Your problem, as I see it, is that you are in a highly-competitive niche. There are large, well-established sites such as Pixabay, and if I were looking for, say, a yellow flower, I would go there first to search. You need to find some way to get your content to stand out. Tell us more about it. Where did you see that yellow flower (assuming you haven’t been able to identify it)? What made you want to photograph it? Were there any challenges, such as it being a windy day?

I’m sorry if this has come across as very negative. It’s not that there’s anything very wrong with the site (apart from accessibility issues), more that I feel it is lacking in character.

I am using the Edge browser that translates the Spanish into English.

I think it would help to provide an explanation of the purpose of the site. The home page does not do that. Is it about you? Is it about your services? Is it about your photographs?

Your Blog tab is a link for another site. I think it would be good to say that the link is for another site. I think you should have a page in your site ( that has a little explanation and the link.

It is a good start, it looks nice.

Regarding the contrast of the letters, I hadn’t thought about it. I believe there is a website that analyzes your pages and tells you if it meets the standards for visual accessibility, isn’t there? About the visual clue to indicate where I have tabbed to, it’s something I don’t know how to implement since I was given the design with WordPress and built with WPbakery, and I had always worked with simple code up to a certain level. Any hints to avoid making a mess?

The website is like a business card, that’s why the elements I requested to include were a small sample of my work, the navigation bar, and the contact details. I have thought about adding text to it at times, but it seemed unnatural and forced, without knowing exactly what to include that isn’t already in another section of the website. Any ideas?

Could you tell me which ones? I am not aware of it; initially, I thought I had corrected all the issues of this kind in the gallery.

On the “Tienda” tab, which stands for shop, the appearance is as you see it because I depend on a third-party platform called and/or, which hosts my images for sale. That’s where I set the prices and where the sale is managed, and the tool it provides for selling from your own website is a script with an identifier that once in the page’s source code appears as you see it. Here you can read more extensively about it. If it is possible to modify the script in any way to make it more accessible, organize the photographs by the categories I have on my website profile (… etc., is beyond my knowledge. And the other alternative to using the script was to use the website they offer you as a paying user (, but apart from not being able to unify the design with the rest of the website, it is under another domain name, which seemed like a worse option to me.
In summary, I depend on the behavior of the script, and I think it is not very modifiable. Perhaps on this page, the most feasible thing would be to add text that makes sense.

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<iframe id='pixelsshoppingcartiframe' src='' style='display: inline-block; width: 100%; height: 820px; border: none; overflow: hidden;'></iframe>

Don’t you think that’s what the “Acerca de mí” (About me) and “Servicios” (Services) pages do?

The problem I had is that I started the blog as a separate project under another domain, and when I learned more about everything related to websites, it was already too late. I had two websites, one with my work and another with my blog, with different domains, and as I didn’t want to lose the more than a thousand articles written, I decided to merge both projects as best I could. The person who designed my website at agustipardo included a page called /blog, but it was empty and not linked from any other page on my website. For now, I’ve made a 301 redirect from that page to the blog, which is Still, I don’t know what to do. Currently, /blog is not indexed, and I’m not sure whether to delete it and leave the direct link as it is from the navigation bar, do something similar to what you suggest (although I don’t know how to make it look good and be SEO-friendly), or if there’s another option that hasn’t occurred to me yet, and someone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.

Actually no. That is my opinion. Something for you to think about. The main thing I am saying is that I think there should be more in the home page.

In my opinion you could mention that explicitly in the home page. You could make it clear that the website has dual purposes.

The link in the Blog tab could just be a link in the home page. That is a minor issue, you can leave it the way you have it. I think you are saying you want to merge the other site into this site and that sounds good.

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You can use to analyse your page. There are also tools for assessing colour contrast.

Basically, wherever you have an effect on a:hover to aid navigation, you should have the same effect on a:focus for the benefit of keyboarders. If you’re unsure how to edit the CSS, you can ask for assistance in the CMS & WordPress forum.

That’s odd - they’re loading OK now. I spent quite some time looking at those the other day, and I was just getting blank pages. It seems to be fine now.

I’m simply giving feedback, as requested. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you feel it’s worth acting on. :slight_smile:

I ask for advice to improve as much as possible, although I’m not sure if all the recommendations are feasible, as I don’t have expertise in scripts. Is it possible to make these changes? Do you know how?

Could you give me an example of how adding text to the main page could look good, as you mentioned? Like, in what position, how much text, with what style…

It is not a matter of style, unless you consider journalism to be a style. My comment is not intended to refer to computer styles, it is more a matter of writing and journalism that would also be valid centuries ago, prior to computers.

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I mean that I don’t see a way to input text there that looks aesthetically pleasing (at least from my perspective). I would appreciate a “how I would do it” beyond the content of the text.

I’m not familiar with the script you’re using, and if you need help editing it, then you should start a new topic in the appropriate forum.

Surely you have at least the ability to change the caption text, which was my main suggestion.

As far as categories/headings go, I see several problems with your site as it now stands. As mentioned, the category menu is inaccessible to anyone unable to use a mouse. If a visitor can’t access the categories, their only way to view the images is to tab through each page, which is slow and tedious. Faced with that, a visitor might simply give up. They might conclude from the first page that you only have sporting images. There is nothing to indicate what those 210 images represent. It’s possible to use the “search” function, but the results there are unreliable. Search for “boat” and no images of “Lady Moura” come up in the search, even though she has her own category. Search for “bird” and there are no results, but there are four images of birds in your “animals” category.

If you can’t improve the user experience using the current script, perhaps you should look for another. Only you can decide whether or not the convenience to you of using that set-up outweighs any negative consequences for your visitors.

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