Referrals coming from my own domain on my analytics...?

I’m working on getting my analytics for an ecommerce store set up perfectly but I’m running into a small issue for tracking. A large portion of my referral traffic is coming from the two domains the website is set up on, and so it’s hard to tell where that traffic is ACTUALLY coming from.

Anyone know why this might be happening?

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Its simple. You have no traffic. 36 hits accounted for is like nothing.

… well that’s incredibly unhelpful. The point is not the traffic, there is plenty of traffic to be tracked, that was a snippet from yesterday morning. It’s that the referral traffic is showing up as my own domain name(s) referring it, which doesn’t happen on my other domains. The amount of traffic has nothing to do with this… There is an issue in how google is reading the traffic.

There is no issue on how Google is reading the traffic. If the referrals say they are coming from one of your own sites then that is where they are coming from. Google is not misinterpreting anything.

Oh… my god. You are incredibly unhelpful and condescending.

How can referrals possibly be coming from my own website? How is that even remotely possible? Do you not even realize the catch 22 that that creates? If they are referred to my site by my own website how did they get there in the first place and why is GA not tracking how these referrals got to my own website?

I’m not able to track how these people actually got to my website because it’s saying they got to my website FROM my website. The fact that GA put the traffic in the “referral” area means it’s not direct traffic so it has to have come from somewhere.

I realize I’m doing SOMETHING wrong but I don’t know what that is and that’s why I came here for help. Generally I get pretty good help from this website… :confused:

Very simple. The person visits one page on your site and then follows a link to a second page of your site. At that point you have two pages having been visited with half of the referals coming from your own site.

If that person then goes to a third page on your site then 2/3 of the referral entries that visitor has generated are now your site.

If one person buys something from your site then they are likely to have visited at least three and possibly a lot more pages on your site.

Thank you for considering my issue.

These are unique views though, not pageviews. I don’t have this issue with my other websites I track analytics for. Here is a screenshot I’ve taken of todays traffic for another website:

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There is no referral traffic from the actual domain the website is hosted on ( and it clearly lists where each person is coming from when they hit the domain. This is not the case on the domain I’m talking about, it just lists the domains I have the website hosted on as the referral.

If it’s true that whenever one person goes from one page to another they have created a “referral” then why is this the only website that does it for me?