How come we get referral traffic from

We recently got a significant amount of referral traffic coming to our website from As is a placeholder website with no external links on it, how come we’re getting traffic from

Is this a spambot faking the origin? And more importantly is there a way to avoid this (other than creating a filter for unwanted traffic?


Wondering myself as well. Got 7 users landing on the same page from Three of the visits had LinkedIn cookie ids. All were from the same company per our BI platform. A Google search for this turns up no other useful answers.

Is it someone faking the referrer attribute of their request to your site? Probably, yes.

Is it necessarily a spambot? No. Anyone can manipulate the referrer of a request, it doesnt need to be a spambot. Maybe its just someone who doesnt want you to know where they’re coming from, but doesnt want to send empty to avoid being classified as hiding their referrer.

What about doing this site blacklisted into your referral traffic analytics...?