Anyone know of a very simple CMS for clients?

I am looking at expanding my offerings to potential clients and would like to offer an extremely simple CMS to update homepage content and pictures. I need something much simpler than Wordpress. I could build something myself, but Im sure there is some open source script out there. All I need is an admin login, ability to change some pics, and text areas. Something that my grandmother could use. Any suggestions or should I just build it myself?

There are third-party options like CushyCMS, [URL=“”]SurrealCMS and [URL=“”]PageLime, or you could fork out a few $$ for some really nice little ones like [URL=“”]Perch, [URL=“”]MojoMotor and [URL=“”]Unify.

I like all of the above suggestions. The free versions might limit you as far as branding goes… Do you need something rebrandable or does it matter?

I have been researching and have decided to dedicate the next few months to learning Drupal 7. I think learning Drupal will open up a lot of opportunities for me with developing more complex websites quickly. Thanks for the replies.

You can’t go wrong with Drupal… it is very powerful… once you get familiar with it you’ll be able to deploy sites quickly and always have great options for expanding more complex sites.

+1 :tup:

It will take a little learning the administration and setup but now that D7 is out, it’s even easier to make it a pleasant client experience. Depending on your level of experience, I would recommend the book O’Reilly’s “Using Drupal”. It might be too elementary for you but it has some good recipes for using specific modules to manage typical tasks that you will want to achieve. The 2nd Edition includes Drupal 7.

Wish you good luck with drupal!

Thought you were looking for a “simple” CMS. If you want one similar to Drupal 7 then look into called MODx.