Recommended Automatic Twitter Plugin for WP 3.0.1

Dear Pals,

Need your help about recommended Automatic Twitter Plugin that able make automatic posting from blogpost. I have tried some automatic Twitter plugins but its can’t do its automatic posting. I didn’t find in my Twitter page.

I’ve done with OnlyWire, but it has limited service. May you suggest a plugin like OnlyWire or an automatic Twitter Plugin that compatible with WordPress 3.0.1.

Thanks for your kind help.

Sorry? Can you rephrase the question?

Are you wanting to create a post on your WordPress blog using twitter? or
Are you wanting to tweet about a post from WordPress? or
Send a tweet every time you create a post?

I would like to send a tweet every time I create a post. I have found the plugin, currently I use simple-twitter-connect and tweet-old-post.

Thanks for your kind help, brother :slight_smile: GBU…