Auto-post Tweets from Twitter into Wordpress

I’m looking for a solution to automatically publish Tweets from Twitter as posts in Wordpress.

The Tweets aren’t from my Twitter account, they are Tweets from some of my friends.

Any ideas how I can do this?

I know there is at least one plugin that displays tweets on WordPress blogs - but not as “posts”.

And it is possible to publish posts (up to 140 characters) as tweets.

You really want to have tweets as posts? IMHO the 140 character limit won’t make for a post.

A quick Google search turned up this:

It seems to read that it will do what you’re after…

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m after. How come I couldn’t find that when I was Googling earlier!!

I am trying to find an equivalent plugin that does the same thing for Facebook status updates too. In other words, a plugin that feeds Facebook updates from my friends into a blog post.

I don’t suppose you have come across one of those in your travels too?

You don’t mean something like: ?

wp robot does this it’s a great premium wordpress plugin.