Recommendations for Wordpress appointment maker?

I’m not a web developer and completely new to Wordpress, but am trying to make a site for company and would love some advice.
I’m looking for a plug-in to Wordpress that allows people to register for tastings and tours at my distillery.
Does anyone have recommendations for a simple plug-in for someone with little experience?

Here is my website so far:

Welcome to Sitepoint Forum, Shlil.
I do not have much experience with Wordpress but know there are numerous people who can provide you a good recommendation.

Welcome also to the world of web development (CMS).

Hi, Shlil. The best thing to do at this stage is go to the plugins section of and do a search for event registration. You’ll find they have quite a few plugins that might work for you.

Things to check out:

  1. Click on the plugin name to go to its page and read the description to see if it has all the features you are looking for.

  2. Make sure the plugin has been updated recently. You don’t want to use a plugin that has been abandoned by its developer.

  3. Make sure the plugin is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress (which hopefully you are using).

  4. Check the number of installs - that will tell you how popular the plugin is.

  5. Read the reviews. Remember that a person might give a bad review if they have personally not had a good experience with the plugin, but that does not necessarily mean that it is a bad plugin.


And then try some of them. One of the great things of WP is that you can install and disinstall plugins very easily.

Can’t give you a tip on which one is good/best to save you time, because I never used any of them.


A great plugin that could work out for you is Booked by BoxyStudio

I’ve used it in a couple of projects and works well.

Now, if you’re looking for something free, look at this options:

Appointment Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar

If you want to set shop, and process products/payments this one is quite cool: WooCommerce Easy Booking

And Appointments
(I was a subscriber of WPMU for several years, and while they do have awesome plugins and service, the fees are now way to out of my reach. So, take the suggestion of their premium version with a grain of salt. And I’ve not used this new “lite” version, however, plenty of the reviews claim that it doesn’t work that well).

Again, as many have posted, you should try out and see what fits. And if you need any help or further advice on the ones I’ve used, let me know!


Hey lesthertod! Thank you for your detailed advice - I really appreciate it.

I am in the market for a free option - and currently have Appointment Calendar installed and have a question for you -

I think I have it mostly figured out - but don’t know how to set up multiple booking time slots under settings. To explain: on Fridays our tour times are every hour, but on Saturdays they are every half hour. I don’t see another option to allow me to choose more than one time slot.

Also - does this plug-in allow visitors to book for more than one person at a time?

Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!

Glad that helped you!

To set up multiple times for the duration/business hours/etc. You’ll need the premium plugin (which personally it’s not worth it since it’s at $99/year for that one specifically).

As for allowing groups to book, I think it is not possible. But I’ve never actually looked for that function.

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I agree - I think I’ll try another plug-in.

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