Appointment Booking CMS?

Hi I am looking for an Appointment Booking CMS or an Appointment Booking Plugin for an existing CMS.

Does anyone know of any good ones?

What I am looking for is a CMS or plugin/addon that will allow people to book a service online with a particular person and if possible be able to see a calendar which shows what times are still available.

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Cn you post the your dtabase schema of your Hotel reservation system?

I bet you can’t find such application as a freeware.
Better analyse / design / code for the appointment application, thats the only better way to go else hire some professional that will do the job for you.

I would be prepared to pay for it if it was good, it doesnt have to be free, although that would be a bonus

You might be able to find something commercial (or free) in the listings below…not sure what youèd call it tho:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Appointments

Nither had a primary category so you might have to get creative. Lastly you may consider looking into something like SugarCRM or Joomla. Both are systems which support thousands of modules or mini-applications that might meet (or come damn close) your needs.


I don’t think any mini modules would fulfill the requirements of avg.
If found, it’s sure to have lots of tweaking/hacking etc.

BTW I am looking for something readymade, so please no more private messages from developers looking to build something for me from scratch.

I want Appointment software that is incorporated already into a CMS or as a plugin for something like Wordpress, Drupal, Expression Engine.

Instead of using a free software, you can get solution by hiring or buying. You can find free “online” appointment software clickbook dot net not sure you’ll be interested in. If you need an effective stuff I think joomla appointment software is good(to my view point) Its always good if you consult with other pro :).

Once again people, I am just looking for a CMS or plugins for a CMS that will do this, I am not after developers to build something for me.

Whether its for free or not I dont really care, I am more concerned about it being a quality product.

Whether its for free or not I dont really care, I am more concerned about it being a quality product.

Have a look through the Joomla extension directory:

When you say quality you really open a can of worms as every developers and end-user definition is going to vary, often wildly. Most components are not of the highest quality, at least in the software design/architectural sense. They usually follow a weak/poor interpretation of the MVC paradigm. Many have lots of secutity holes because component developers do not fully understand how to write secure code according to Joomla or secure in general.

Most security exploits in Joomla, Drupal, etc are due to third party extensions for this very same reason.

Hiring a developer to build from scratch, your probably asking for ever more trouble. Most custom software is even worse than a third party Joomla component. At least Joomla enforces some best practices on the developer whereas custom software usually equates to a total nightmare, especially for a second developer you might hire when the initial one disappears.


Can you give a bit more detail on what you need from the appointment booker?

I am working on one already and it may be suitable for your app when it has been fully tested. due to go live Q4 this year.


I can develop this for you. I just finished developing a Hotel Reservation System, this would be simple.

i think there is one such module for joomla…may be googling will help