Booking on the site - any possible solution?

Hello everyone,

I’m desperately looking for a solution to provide booking service on the site. I looked at codecanyon and found two plugins that look ok but it’s not possible to really “book” time slot. I mean that the same days or time slots can still be booked. It’s not really a time saver :frowning:

I looked at Booki (the developer responded to me in a hour! incredible!) and booking system pro (I asked them 4 days ago a simple pre-sale question - still no answer! It scares me out to buy this plugin, I just can imagine the support???)

Did anyone found a solution to this constraint?

Thank you!

Booking systems can be very complicated things, it all really depends what and how you want to book.

Regarding pre-sales questions to developers. Yes you are right to be scared, it is good to do your homework and see what other people have experienced. If a plugin does not have good support then if something goes wrong you could get very stuck with a non-working web site!

Take a look at :

You can use it via iFrame or they also have an open-source Wordpress plugin for better integration :

Did you tried it yourself? Their website doesnt explain anything about this service and asks directly to sign up. I dont want to give my email just like this, I want to read and see more to understand what is behind.


I think it’s pretty fresh (according to git repository date of commit), the documentation / help / support / video will come I think. I used it with iframe and WP already, I contacted the support there where fast and helpful and they already push some change I asked. The requirement I can see for now is that you should create your events (start date and end date) and the final user can book it, the final user can’t choose the duration. That was ok for 2 of my customers, but not for another use case (room reservation), but support say that’s on the way. For your exact use case I don’t know…

Woothemes recently released a plug-in for woocommerce for booking functionality, you could have a look at that. I have not tried it myself.

yeah, I saw this one but it’s pretty costly $250 just to give it a try without someone’s reference

I’ve used Bookeo on one of our sites. It’s not free, but it is reasonable and has been working very well over the last year.