Booking Appointment with time slot

i dont if im allow to ask this quuestion here, as i have just start wordpress, i need booking form with calendar and time slot where user can book an appointment with calendar and time slot, in backend (dashboard ) admin should be allowed to to modify time according to his needs,

let his regualr time is 8am to 5pm but with 1min gap on each appoinment (e.g 8am-9am, 9:15am-10:15am, 10:30am-11:30am)
but lets on july 14 friday he will available from (8am-10:15am) time slot and he will start from (3pm-5pm) 10:15am - 3pm he will be busy on july 14

i got the pulgin which meets my requirement:
Appointment Hour Booking

but i need dropdown too. but dropdown seems to be in pro version, i only need dropdown option is there way to activate dropdown option only …???

or any free plugin thats cover the requirement i mention above.
plz guide me…

if this post is against forum rules, i would like to appolozies

Honestly, if you should just ask yourself how much you really need that drop down feature and if the answer is “Very bad” then just pay for the pro version. I mean if you have something that works and the pro version can give you the feature, why not?

I am pretty sure no one here is going to be able to tell you how to hack some random plugin to get the feature. You might get a few to suggest other plugins, but again, how much is your time worth to browse and try other plugins if the other one is just a one time payment for pro?


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