Recommendation on Video Hosting

Hi everyone, looking to create a membership site that will include videos for our students to access. I am looking for recommendations on where to host these videos. So far I have been looking at amazon s3 and vimeo pro. Instinctively I feel like S3 should be the cheaper & better option but when looking around online it seems like the cost can easily get out of hand when hosting videos with them. What’s your thoughts and experience?

Would appreciate any feedback!


Out of the big 3 cloud storage providers (Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud), Azure is the least expensive. However BackBlaze is about a quarter of the price of the above three. We have a videographer friend who hosts his stuff there. I’ve never used them though so I’m not sure how good they are, but worth evaluating I think.

Thanks for the response, never heard of Azure before will definietly check it out! Any thoughts on amazon s3 vs vimeo pro?

I would say they are totally different. If you are looking just to store your videos the S3 is great (as are the other 3 could storage providers). Vimeo offers to ‘store’ your videos, but also hosts them for you and provides with a player + ability for users to comment, view your profile, view your channel, etc…

Vimeo Pro is a great service is you want all that functionality. Also, when you embed the Vimeo player on your website it comes with less bloatware when YouTube (which seriously slows down site load times).

Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks again, great advice! I am basically trying to create a course website/app and need a place to host the videos and the ability to play them on my properties. The closer to netflix video playing experience the better:) So it sounds like Vimeo Pro might be the best solution for me…

Thanks again for your feedback!

Hi Thomas. If you are leaning toward VimeoPro, I would also suggest you compare it against They are a great hosting service for videos. Between VimeoPro and Wistia you can’t go wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll go with vimeo pro, they seem to be a cheaper a solution.

Thanks again!

My pleasure!

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