Cheap shared audio hosting?

Normally we host our video in youtube.
It has been ok as it doesn’t delete video and can be embeded in our site.

We have not found any such good site for audio,so we are planning to buy a hosting for audio hosting
(most current free audio host deletes file shortly or doesnt allow embedding or hotlinks)

plus we have found most called big host which offer so called unlimited space hosting doesnt allow audio/video hosting in their normal account…

we may be heavy audio/video users(requiring tb),so are any free or CHEAP webhost suited for us for audio/video hosting…espcially aduio…


Check out Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud. They both offer very low-cost file hosting. I use Rackspace; it’s great.

Visit various web hosting directories. As far as I know there are separated sections for media web hosts there. I think that will make your search easy.
Good luck

You could always turn the audio into video. Plenty of one image or image collage videos on Youtube. :slight_smile:

This is really the best solution if you
do not mind hosting on YouTube.

I believe having small VPS would be enough and that will not cost you a fortune