Choosing cloud storage

I need to store videos and pictures somewhere. I host my sites on shared hosting because they don’t require much power and shared hosting can handle them just fine (for now).

I’m planning to create something new that requires video and picture uploading. So I need storage space to upload files, I’ll lose bandwidth for displaying images/videos.

I was looking at S3 and Google Cloud but they have few billing options. Can someone who is more experienced tell me which should I use and how those cloud storages work. Do they bill bandwidth and storage, what about displaying videos and so on? I also saw they bill some requests, PUT, GET…

Answering your question is more like advertising or endorsing certain folks. You have a variety of options based on your traffic. First ones to come to mind are:

  3. The undisputed winner would have to be: Amazon S3 I believe – as complex as their pricing is, it is not necessarily that expensive.

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