Videos on a website

Hi there

I have the task to build a website for a medical doctor. The thing is that he needs some videos on the website. I was planing to use youtube bc it is free and it has big audience.

I’ve put those videos on youtube, but some of the viewers have marked the videos as adult content even if the adult zones are blur now.

Do you have an idea about where can i host the videos in order to have big audience and low costs?

ps: it is not about any pornographic content, it is a serious disease but with the “hot” zones hidden by a blur.

Search for video hosting or media hosting or tube hosting. Thaese are kind of web hosting services which allow you to host videos on your web site.

You can use Amazon for hosting your videos uncenzred. I guess Vimeo also offers good video uploads…But if you need like that this video would be visible without any censor then you are better to move to Amazon.

I remember you said you had not used that web hosting. How can you recommend something you haven’t used?

What do you mean? I just posted my experience about Amzon in other post??? ~ServerPoint~ what have I done to you, that you are watching me so carefully? i am uploaded my site vedios on utube ,amazon,vimeo.these are very good rated vedio can also try these sites,but i want top rated vedio sites for upload my site vedios. which sites you are using now for upload the vedios?