Recommend Some Good And Up-To-Date Javascript & Jquery Online Tutorials

I know a little Javascript and am now reluctantly learning JQuery. I figured I could benefit from your knowledge by asking you to point me to some good online tutorials.

I do not need something at a programmer’s beginner level. I know how to write code and generally know the syntax of Javascript. I know what variables and objects are, how to make a function, etc… What I do not know are the various Javascript objects and events available to be used, the differences between browser implementations (such as addEventListener, attachEvent for IE) and how to manipulate them.

I’m looking for something that is currently up-to-date. I have an old Javascript book from 2002 or something and while there was some knowledge to be gained from it, it is lacking some modern things. I do not want anything old from the early 2000s, either. I looked through this thread here at Sitepoint and some of the links were quite old.

And some good JQuery tutorials would be helpful. The tutorials on are not very good, some are poorly written and they like most of the tutorials I have found so far tend to focus on a very specific task instead of general use.

Suggestions will be appreciated. I want to learn this quickly. Anything with examples is a plus.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

The fastest way to learn is not from tutorials, because they as you have experienced tend to focus on specific tasks.

Instead, the fastest way to learn is to write code that you then have critiqued by several different people.