Total Newbie. Please Help

I am a total newbie to this java scripting and jquery thing. I have just started learning java scripting from W3Schools?

Though I find the tutorials from W3Schools easy, when I myself start writing some code to make a image slider or a drop down menu, I am totally stuck.

Can anybody please tell me or guide me in some way that how should I proceed in learning this java scripting and be good at it after 3/4 months? In online I also dont find much question banks.

Right now I am very frustrated.

Thank you.

Hi littlebirdy, welcome to the forum

The w3schools site might not be the best place to learn. It has gained a reputation of being out-dated.
That is, much of what the site teaches is more “historical” than current.

But if you like it and find it easy to understand I guess there’s little harm in you learning the basics there as long as you are aware that you may need to “unlearn” some things.

An image slider / drop-down menu might be a bit advanced to be good “beginner” goals.

IMHO having a good (not to say expert) grasp of HTML and CSS is almost always a prerequisite for learning JavaScript.
Especially if you want to work with the DOM

Have you been able to code up a page that sends something to console.log() ?
A simple “Hello JavaScript” that puts a string into a page ?

Better to start off slow and work your way up than to attempt something complex and get frustrated.

Thank you Mittineague,

I thought nobody will respond to my question. Its a kinda silly question I think :smile:

OK so from where shall I learn? Any links?

I know HTML and CSS.

Thank you for your response.

Hi there littlebirdy,

you may find this site…

JavaScript By Example

…to be very beneficial. :ok:

Also, the writer - “Felgall” - may be found here at “Sitepoint”
and other forums to answer your problems. :sunglasses:



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