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I’m on the look out for Javascript/jQuery resources in the form of books. I know there is plenty online but I really don’t think you can beat a good book to get your teeth into.

Also, and I’m going to be 110% honest, I have spent the better part of 12 or so years avoiding Javascript as much as I can. Any tips on learning and implementing this language into my current programming skill set would be much appreciated.

I can program in XHMTL/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, PHP, MySQL), but would love to add JS to this mix which may make me close to a full stack programmer.



With so many abstractions in the language it is easy to end up learning the abstractions (libraries and tools) instead of the actual language. Nowadays there is not really as much of a case to use jQuery as there used to be. This is because the language has evolved and advanced heaps since jQuery was out. The knowledge you acquire about the tools and libraries will be relevant for so long as those tools and libraries are relevant. Having knowledge in the latest trendy frameworks and libraries will increase your ability to obtain a job, however the knowledge you acquire in the core language will be relevant ‘forever’. My recommendation is if you really want to learn JavaScript, to learn the core from the very start.


I started with the one below, but I’m conscious that it was last published in 2014, so won’t cover ES6 JavaScript for example.

JavaScript by John Duckett

I would agree with Andres though, start with plain ‘vanilla’ JavaScript if you want to make progress with it.

I fully agree about vanilla javascript. I wouldn’t learn jQuery now though, other than as a curiosity. 10 years ago it was definitely useful due to vast differences between browsers, but that problem is largely solved now.


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