Learning JavaScript & JQuery

I am new web designer and want to know JavaScript and JQuery properly .What can I do .Please help me.

There are a number of books and web sites that teach these. Unfortunately there are some that teach a really obsolete approach as well so you’ll need to look for reviews etc to be able to tell the difference.

If a JavaScript course starts out using document.write or alert then it is obsolete.

Thank you very much for javascript help.

I can also recommend this: http://www.sitepoint.com/store/jump-start-javascript/

Who should read this book?

Beginner level web developers. Reasonable knowledge of HTML and CSS is assumed. It’s a fast paced tutorial so may be unsuitable for absolute tech newbies.

I’m also a beginner , the sitepoint books seem to have a very good reputation around the internet from what I have seen(haven’t got one yet, to poor atm:P) I’m going through “Professional Javascript for Web Developers 3rd edition”.

I also found “Javascript A Beginners guide” really good for starting, I switched over to the other book about halfway thru . It is chalked full of good simple explanations. I personally like more then one book on the subject incase the explanation doesn’t compute with me. Generally when I am studying and I get stuck on say, lexical scoping I will go to Mozzilas javascript guide(reference) and W3 schools and as many areas until the point sinks in.

Until recently most of the JavaScript section on that site was about 15 years out of date. The two guys who own the site have started updating the introductory tutorials recently but I am not sure how many of the long outdated pages are yet to be replaced.