Recommend a VPS or VDS web host


Looking for recommendations for a VPS or VDS web host (Linux based) up to a budget of $239.40. I’m currently on Jumpline but want to move away from them.

I need:

  • php,
  • phpmyadmin,
  • mysql,
  • currently using redhat but flexible on this
  • currently using cpanel but would be interested in a free/opensource alternative

thanks in advance


I have a dedicated account with WebHostingBuzz (then have both .com - US - and - UK - data center locations) and love their support, up-to-date hardware and very reasonable prices (which allows me to also hold shared and “specialized hosting” - Joomla - accounts).



whats the RAM, bandwidth and diskspace you are looking for?

I’ve been very happy with the support from eUKhost. Had shared hosting there for a while and recently got VPS. The smallest VPS package is just over £320. They offered a 10% discount (worth to ask), maybe as we’ve been slow to sign up.

But their servers are located in the UK only.

Is that annual budget? Jumpline offers unmanaged VPS, I assume that you can manage VPS yourself? Or are you looking for a new managed VPS? ANy preferred location? How about RAM, Disk space and Traffic requirements? Why do you want to leave?


$240.00 per year is not much, but starting from $35.00 per month, you can easily to find a web hosting provider which offer VPS with fully managed and cPanel control panel. Why don’t you stay with cPanel control panel while it costs less with your package. :slight_smile:


I just received an e-mail with a 50% off offer for VPS, etc., from WebHostingBuzz – FOR ONE DAY ONLY (4th of July). Because I consider them “the best,” the offer is unbeatable.



I’ve been with ServInt for awhile now and they’ve been excellent. Also, if you Google ‘ServInt Coupons’ they have some pretty nice discounts being offered to new customers too. I’d also recommend checking out WiredTree. I used them for a couple years and they were excellent. I’m actually thinking about ordering my next VPS through WT.

I’m currently at Digital Ocean, they are great so far.
Starter plan = 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD storage for $5/month.

With your budget you could go for the $160 plan which would give you 16GB RAM, 8 Cores, 160GB SSD storage.

This is all unmanaged though, but they have good tutorials if you’re not too confident with cofiguring your VPS.
The other downside for you could be the lack of Redhat support. They do offer Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Arch though.