Picking the right host

I have a website and it has been up and running for some time now.

I have CPU issues with my current host. Some say its down to my Wordpress theme while the theme makers say its down to my host.

I currently pay around £25 per month at the moment and have just under 10GB disk usage.

Idealy I want to cut costs but also have a reliable start but I generally have no idea where to start!!

I moved from traditional hosting to VPS hosting for some years ago. €7/month. More job, but better control and normally faster. Something for you?

Where can i find it for £7 a month? My worry is I move to a new host and it isn’t good enough.

There are several VPS vendors that offer a small VPS for €7 or similar. For an example Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode and UpCloud. I have only tested UpCloud and I am going to test IONOS for £1/month when I got the time. €7 means appr £6.

I should avoid the big three (AWS, Google and Azure). Not because they are bad, but you can get lost by all options and prices.

Hi! Avilla, £25 is way too much to pay for a web hosting, there are various affordable options on Godaddy starting from £5. I can guide you on how to get it and migrate your existing website to it.

First question you should be asking is where your target audience is located. If it is in the UK, then go with a hosting provider that keeps their servers in a UK-based datacenter. If who you target is in the United States, then you are better off picking a US-based provider with DCs in the US respectively.

The reality of your situation is that both the hosting company and the theme developer may be right. If a provider you are with is well established and has a decent track record, then I am leaning towards believing something may indeed be wrong with the code.

But it is totally possible to find a VPS for $5 or a dedicated server for less than $25. LowEndTalk is a pretty popular spot where hosts publish such deals. However, keep in mind that most machines at those prices may be recycled or running old components.

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I have looked on godaddy but i am unsure which package would suit me best.

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I will tell you the best package and the Godaddy nameservers you will use to connect your domain to it plus other necessary setup details for $5 on five rr if you don’t mind, I am a freelancer. I am always in search for website owners and offer them valuable informations at a token. Can I drop my five rr link so I can get you the details asap, thanks.

So they told you they’re looking to chop their budget by 20 pound, and your response is to get them to pay you what amounts to most of a month’s budget for you to… show them the GoDaddy price catalog and point at an item.

… Riiight…

This isnt a pay-to-play marketplace. I think you may have mistakenly created an account.

Well the VPS I use is pretty good. Not sponsored by them, but I pay $9 USD a month and I get 100GB SSD storage with 4GB RAM. I forgot what the specific CPU was, but it was a XEON something. Very fair price for hosting especially when you have full control over the VPS. They have Ubuntu and centOS images. They also have unmetered bandwidth. Lol I’ve reached 10GB once a few months back and I wasn’t charged for it.

I’m using CloudFanatic. Just a thought, but there are plenty of good VPS out there within budget.


First, you have spent £25 per month, so good ting is that you are in a good budget.
Second, do not jump to any other host before you can find out what is the reason with your current host. Several questions you can find the answers:

  1. What is the current configuration? Do you have some CPU, RAM, IO limitations?
  2. How frequently do you have problem?
  3. When you have problems, can host provide more details of the processes at that time?
  4. How many connections / visitors do you have now?
  5. Do you have any repeated error messages in the server error log?

There are MANY cheap hosts out there, also more expensive hosts. But if you don’t know the reason, you will have troubles again and again. If I were you, I would try to find the answers for above questions first. Then depends on the results, either you can work more with the host, or you can hire a developer to check more the code of your theme, or plugins.


They have a managed WordPress plan, correct? I am not an expert and if you are not either then the managed plan seems best to me. With that they commit to managing performance for you.

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