Any good email broadcasting programs?

I used Site Point to learn about HTML emails. However,I’ve run into a problem with my provider’s limit on the number of emails I broadcast. Is there a program that will send emails to a list of recipients one at a time to get around the limit problem? I get emails all the time that have only my name in theTO lline. How is this done? I can break up the number on emails but there should be a better way.

There are lots of services out there like CampaignMonitor that have sophisticated setups for all this. They gather subscribers who subscribe through your site, send out personalized emails and provide all kinds of stats on who has opened mail etc. It costs about 1c per email. Worth checking out. Another prominent one is Mailchimp, but there are lots of them.

email marketing director is great! i have been using it for 4 years now and I have no complains.

I use GetResponse for such email campaigns and I think it is what you are looking for =)

there can be alot of more option depends upon the email criteria you are looking for i think for email broadcasting there are alot of softwares even i am looking for a good one .