Forum Software

Okay, may be biting off more than I can chew, but I am thinking of adding a forum to my website. Can anyone offer suggestions on how to do this cheaply, and most important, easily? I am very much a novice…

Usually you require your webhost to support a scripting language and database such as PHP and MySQL - so make sure it does before you try…

In which case a good option would by phpBB as that’s open source and well-supported and reasonably easy to install.

I would start off with PHPBB, MyBB, SMF, or another free software package. Don’t invest too much money up front. You can always move to a pay package if you feel you need to at a later date.

I think the free OSS forums are pretty good compared to the pay packages.

Actually I would recommend Vanilla, it’s simple, free and the only one which validates :wink:

PS: It looks uber sexy since 2.0 went live! :smiley:

PunBB is pretty cool