SEO for subfolders vs. subdomains


Am I right in thinking that if my site uses subfolders for multi-lingual websites I am better off?

If I used subdomains instead I would have to do SEO for each website!

If I had 10 languages that would be 10 sites to optimise!

Is this correct. Should I focus on one main site with subfolders for internationalisation?


Pretty much correct. As a subdomain you would need to ‘start from scratch’ in terms of your SEO as subdomains are treated as a completely separate entity in terms of websites for SEO.

If you used subfolders then it would all be under one ‘umbrella’ website and the SEO from the homepage(s) would assist in your overall optimization for the rest of the site as it’s all the same website.

Have you checked Google’s guidelines for multilingual sites?

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