System shuts down in the mid of work

Hello Everyone!
I have a system, of configuration DSD2GD3-13 2GB DDR3 1333 16C (PC3-10600) SO-DIMM of RAM, 320 GB HDD and Dual core processor.Actually ,My system shuts down while i am at work.Please get me out of the issues.

That’s not much to go on…

Likely culprits are: overheating, possibly due to dirty fans and/or heatsinks; and failing or faulty PSU.

Could also be your computer is infected with a virus. But we’re just making guesses in the dark here, we need more information.

If you want to help from as, we need more information about your problem…

Also worth testing for faulty memory (use memtest86 boot disk) and checking the system event logs for clues

Try going into Safe Mode, If it works successfully , try defragging your Hard Drive , and try doing a Anti Virus scan.

Or read what TheRaptor has mentioned, check if there is any dust on the heatsinks or fans, overheating can become a big issue.

Is this a new issue, or has it always happened? Did you install any software recently? Did you install/remove/change any hardware recently?

What operating system are you using?

Have you checked your power management settings? I know Windows 7 sets some power saver settings in there by default.

If the workstation is crashing, try using WhoCrashed to help read dump files. That might help indicate the source of a crashing problem.

Defragging is not a magic bullet and is not something I’d recommend here, as it does nothing for the troubleshooting process. It may even hurt if you try to defrag while there is an infection present or a piece of faulty hardware–defragging under those conditions may result in data corruption.

Thank to all of you,
I am gonna do the way You all suggested me…And will give a feedback.

My computer kept shutting down and I did a defrag, the shut down issue became flawless afterwards. But its at least worth a try.

One of the best troubleshooting to do here is taking out the ram , Check if any one of the sticks is malfunctioning.

Can you offer more details about your issue? We’re just guessing here. Some suggestions might not even be worthwhile to try if the issue doesn’t meet certain criteria.

Disk check / scandisk usually runs before a defrag begins. It’s likely that repairs that the disk check / scandisk made solved your issue. A defrag just rearranges data around on the hard drive so that all the blocks of files are in sequential order, rather than fragmented across the drive. You can run the Disk check / scan disk utility by itself by going to My Computer > right click on your C-drive > properties > “tools” tab > “check now” button under the “error checking” section.

Again, without knowing what exactly the issue is (or where, or what error logs or dump logs say), this might not help with anything. You’re putting the cart before the horse by throwing common solutions for different problems at this particular issue.

If this issue were a RAM issue, the workstation would either be throwing BSODs, rebooting with some frequently, or causing data corruption.

Exactly, given the grammar of the OP we don’t even know for sure if it shuts down while he’s away at work or while he’s actually working on that computer.

Further confusing the issue: is it shutting down or crashing to POST?

(I assumed: while he’s working on that computer and crash to POST; hence, concerns about heat or wonky power)

This has turned into quite the thread…must be the mystery of it all.

At first scan your whole computer with a very good antivirus and run a full scan , then check the whole hardware parts of your computer and make yuur machine dust free , clean your ram with a rubber and place it tightly and set your bios setting to its default then see the difference.Good luck.

hi, in the past my PC also suffer sudden shut down…
but just few times and it looks normal again, anybody can help what’s going on?

Now My system works …I simply replaced my RAM with a new Zipmem’s DDR3 RAM…and it worked

It was the RAM?!?

Hey FF, you want to split this crow?

There aren’t enough details about the solution or problem to determine what the situation actually is. But if the OP says it’s fixed, that’s good enough for me since he never acutally included any other information about it.

first of all check whether you did servicing to your PC.If do ones remove your RAM and clean with piece of cloth and fix it!!! Definitely works trust me.

Thanks to all of you.I just replaced with a new RAM

I think “rushlku” mentioned that it could be your power supply. I’m running into this same issue. I ran across an article at where they tell you exactly how to test your power supply. My solution? Just replace the darn thing. DEFINITELY don’t try and fix it yourself. They’re relatively inexpensive (about $70 at newegg) and they should be switched out about every 3-4 years anyway.

Usual prblem like this is common to the damage of either Video card or Memory. My laptop has the same issue like this and I found out that the problem is my memry. When I change it, it works again.