Publishing a written article

We have recently written some articles on our websites and wondering if it is a good idea to submit the same articles we have created to other article websites. Would it be considered duplicate content and also should the press releases be rewritten for submitting to PR sites.

Article websites needs the articles to be unique and unpublished when being submitted for publishing. Can the article being considered as a press release, as press releases should follow some basic format, as its’s a PRESS RELEASE. Other words press release should convey the Who Where And When precisely. Republishing the same content will reduce the importance of content in your main site, but duplication may not arise if you are giving link back to original content from republished content.

Never re publish your unique content on crappy article sites. You will do more damage than good by this method of so called article marketing.

No this is not a good technique.However some article directories did not accept duplicate articles.But you can promote your published article on top social bookmarking websites.This way you can get huge traffic for your website.

Thanks for the advice, I think it is a good idea to write and let others link to you. I have noticed that some of our articles are being linked by ehow but they have some mistakes in them, not sure how to have them corrected.