Submit article and press release

Is it a good idea to submit the same article to many different article web sites in a same day?

Is it a good idea to submit the same press release to many different press release web sites in a same day?

Thank you for help!

The practice of submitting the same article to several article directories is frowned upon , most directories have software that can check articles & detect recycling, therefore may reject articles already submitted to other directories.

I think both of them are good methods for getting backlinks and traffic. Only a few article websites do not accept duplicate content, so OK to submit one article to multiple article sites, and so do press release sites.

I think if you practice the submission of same articles to different site, one thing that i want to notify is your article will be rejected by top article directories, just poor article directories will approve your article, But you can use article spinner softwares to solve this problem.

Yes, it’s permitted you will get back link juice from different article site

Im looking to do a simlar thing. We have a good “How To…” article which is quality content and is likely to genuinely help people. Im going to generate an article each month, but should I only post it on my blog (and should the blog be hosted on site or ofsite?)?, do I then submit my blog to blog directories? Shoudl I post the article on differnet blogs and then find other sites to post on? What are the top sites to post quality content on? (sorry for all the questions! I dont want to jijack this thread, but I think its relevant).

I could give you a really long answer based on lots of experience with this but I’ll just say this.

Go ahead and submit to all the top (15-25) directories. The day/time really doesn’t matter although I’d suggest submitting consistently.

(I will change my articles up slightly for the top directories though)

Yes it is usefull, you can get backlinks, and more customers.

I am practicing the same submitting one article to many directories specially top 20, but only 5 a day. Same for press release.

No it is not a good idea. Since you are giving full rights of the article to one website so you should not give it to other websites.

This has been a doubt to many and it has been solved many times in many forums. However, publishing same article and press info to various articles and press release sites on the same day is no harm.