Client is writing Press Releases - now what!?

We have a client who has hired a professional copywriter to write press releases. How can we maximise the SEO potential of this copy on the internet? We’ve made a list of lots of PR websites and article submission websites, but is it a good thing to post the same article to dozens of websites? Can anyone suggest some good Press Release websites that are likely to increase the rankings of our client’s website?

Press Release is one and the same throughout the world and the content will not change as far as PR is concerned. So, it will not be considered as duplicate content and will provide you more exposure with PR sites distributing the PR to its subscribers.

no. im sure you don’t wanna get slapped by google panda.

Is it true that the Panda update will slam me for legitamate duplicate content!?

If you’re copying and pasting your content across different websites then yes, you’ll lose any potential SEO gain from it.

Doing this is NOT a legitimate way to promote your website. Most of these article websites are dying out because they’re nothing more than holding places for people who want to market their content; they offer nothing to the average user and as such Google has removed the benefits they previously received.

You’re more than welcome to post your content on different websites, but it will only decrease its value as it is no longer unique and as it appears in many places no longer worth something. If you’re writing legitimate content that people actually want to read I would highly recommend that you keep it on your website and promote your web pages.

Ultimate: Thanks for your comments. Everything you say makes sense, but what do people normally do with their PRs online? They must distribute them around various websites. Maybe SEO isnt in the forefront of their minds.
Im not saying publishing this content across many website is a legitamate way of promoting a website, but I do think that its a legitamate reason of having duplicate content.