Promotional Items ? How many people have used them before?


Just want to know how many people have used promotional items or promotional pens in the past to promote there business or websites?

Giving away free funny keychains was an interesting way my husband use to promote his site.

I usually see promotional pens with medicine names on it. They often use it to promote their products with doctors and their staff. I think it is only applicable to jobs like that. I mean, where you are to recommend something to someone. Having the brand name on the pen will surely make you remember what product to suggest.


When considering promotional pens for your business promotion objective, it is better to go for a reputed company that provides outstanding services with top quality products.

Hmmmm… always wanted to know an answer to that question. (In other words, how does “real world” promotion translate into eResults?)

A friend of mine had a bunch of glossy cards printed, but never really sowed them around…

I am lucky, I got Screwdriver Pocket Tool & Hurricane Relief Bracelet from one of my friend who has used these promotional item recently.


It’s really a good way to promote our business or website and that’s what we can do to help promote our business with little cost to us. It’s a great ideas for getting your business recognized by others. Well, once I used promotional pens with my website name to promote my website.

Hmmmm…I wonder if you wanted to know just so you could put links to your promotional products websites in your signature? :wink: