Promotional Products Marketing

I am a promotional products marketing consultant and I’m always looking for new ideas for marketing campaigns. Has anyone had any recent successful marketing campaigns using promotional products? I’d love to hear some unique and bold ideas.

Integrate a wordpress blog over your server and post your products over it. Using blog you can promote your products all over web also blog can be used as a marketing tool.:slight_smile:

freebies and discounts attracts me with products and services. with the situation with our economy nowadays, I think more people will be into this as to save more money.

Sent a load of miniature suitcases out in the post and said “you could do with a holiday…” helped a holiday affiliate deal…

Jemple, that is a cool idea. I have never sold any mini suitcases. I will keep that in mind for future promotions.

Customized USB keys work great! We did this once, with our logo and a pre-loaded PDF brochure on it. Clients usually dump the brochure, but are using our USB drive for the long run

Personalized USB flash drives are awesome! The high perceived value of the drives and the fact they are so useful keeps the drives hanging around for years. Thanks for your comment.

Help $1000 SEO contest and Gather all SEO newbies to follow that game ,put your targeted keywords inside and build popularity from the contest,this will add Easy buzz with “long tail reference in the future”

put a banner on most famous sites like Digg, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ASK etc.
or you can go for PPC as well.
For Free Resource you can go for Group Posting to millions of users as well.

Nice idea Knicksfan! Customized USB flash drives are Cool and very useful. Thanks for sharing buddy.:wink:

A lot of businesses achieve brand promotion with promotional clothing.
It is a great idea to give out coats to your special customers occasionally,
probably once in a year. You can also distribute customized T-shirts to every attendee at your company’s special event. With your company’s name, logo and contact information printed on the T –shirts, every person putting them on will indirectly advertise your business to the rest of the world!

Affiliate marketing could be termed as sustainable and popular. CPA marketing could give you some benefits like the As Seen On PC Network guys which offer decent returns and have a good growth rate.

It’s not recent. For over 1 year I work in the coupon industry. This means delivering coupons from other to clients and also giving coupons to my clients.
I had some success with this market. The trick was that I organized the information in order to get it faster to the client and be the first to place it online.
This was the trick to my success as there are a lot of coupon site out there.

Hey - trying running a FB promotion campaign… Offer some goodies for the 10000th FB fan who likes the page… Or even consider using social media sites, and throw some freebies on your blogs…

Generate reader-base and then work on building a mailing list! It’ll help a lot, and of course as suggested earlier, customized usb keys, or even key chains or customized t-shirts are cool freebies for any campaign…

Just put it in the site that has a high pr so that when a customer search then you gotta pick it

What is a promotional marketing tool?? I have a new site that I will be launching soon

I am also running a business and i am totally agreed with this fact that promoting of your business is very important. If no one knows about your business, it will not be very successful. One way to effectively promote your business is by offering promotional products. Promotional products get your business’s name out to the public while giving them a useful product that will remind them of your business’s name over and over.I have researched a lot in good types of promotional products <snip/>

Every Brand must give out some useful promotional material to boost its recall value. Check out the range of promotional merchandise available these days, we use them often. from raincoats to neckcords all of these little items can be considered for promotions. We had very positive results especially with the raincoats.

I use the niche marketing way. find the niche target market for a very specific product. you will lose the competition in this way.
i promoted kylie bedding site in uk region. this has very niche target market and competition is very low

I don’t have to invest a huge amount of capital in order to get my brand recognition. Promotional products are a better way to take care of the promotion and ad of my business without having to spend a lot of money. And many people don’t believe about promotional gifts, and therefore neglect on a great marketing opportunity for their business.